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Alton Towers – SERVICES  

Our Alton Towers minibus hire offers you the best vehicles for your trip to this fascinating resort. Whether you plan to spend a day or a week in the theme park, with our capable team by your side, you will have a great experience. Each of our chauffeurs has your comfort and safety in mind and they ensure that you receive the attention to your needs that you deserve. 
Our minibus hire in Alton Towers offers several services to make your life much easier. When you require assistance with picking up friends or relatives from other parts of Staffordshire, we will help you do it. Coordinating family trips is easy with our assistance, since you will not have to drive to several locations yourself. 
Flexible Arrangements 
If guests are arriving from overseas, we can meet them at the airport for you. Our trained team will coordinate everything. We have many years of experience in this area and know that flights can be delayed. We monitor information on incoming flights so that we arrive early enough to be there waiting for your guests when they disembark but you don’t have to pay any late fees.  
We can carry you to great restaurants, including:  
The Crooked Spoon 
Splash Landings 
Peakstone Inn 
Weddings and graduations are an important part of our services. These special occasions are too important to leave to chance. People take time to carefully select their formal outfits and get all dressed up for these events. These are times when everyone should arrive at the venue in style. When you need to ensure that your guests arrive on time and in comfort, contact our capable minibus hire in Alton Towers.  
Reliable Coaches 
Our air conditioned Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos and Ford Transit come in handy when businesses need to transport their teams to conferences, meetings or seminars. We assist non-profit groups in this area as well, ensuring that they get the best rates for transportation. Even if you need more than 50 people to reach an event on time, we have the right vehicles for you. 
This gives them time to talk together and catch up with people who they have not seen in a while. Book your coach today and discover why so many think our service is number one.