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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Alton Towers 28-35 Seater Coach for Hire 
Are you looking for an Alton Towers 28-35 seater coach? You have come to the right place by visiting our Alton Towers minibus hire website. We have plenty of 28 to 34 seater Volvos and Ford Transit family vans.
Ever since it was opened in the 60’s, Alton Towers has become a fun haven where tourists congregate in each year. There is so much fun packed for the whole family, including hotels, restaurants to stay in or have a family meal. Our minibus hire in Alton Towers travel package can include a driver to handle all the driving while you enjoy Alton Towers.  
Things to Do in Alton Towers  

The Park attractions revolve around themes we are familiar with. So expect to find Charlie and his Chocolate factory or a trip to the African Congo River. Here is what you shouldn’t miss when staying inside the theme park. 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ride 
This is a boat ride through themed runnels that mimic the classic Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. If you loved the story book as a kid, this theme boat ride has recreated the adventure in the most vivid way possible. It’s the kind of fun to involve your entire family or gang of friends. 
Congo River Rapids 

The Congo River rapids are located around the Katanga Canyon inside the theme park. The rapid waters brush shoulders with the Runaway Mine Train and severally along its course. The refurbishing it received in the late 19th century made the boat rides even better and wild. Strap your floater jackets, take your paddle and try to make it through the rapids without your boat toppling.  
The Legend of the Towers  
The towers are themed around the legendary story of the chained oak. Just like all other fun points in Alton Towers, this is well detailed and even includes a Madhouse Attraction when you are riding around the vault area. See if you can make through the Madhouse Dark Ride without a single scream.  
Events in Alton Towers 
1) Pirate and Princess Week; Cook and Line, Alton Towers (12th- 20th Feb 2016) 
2) Caribbean Carnival Weekends (Family Fair), Alton Towers (Based on People Sharing) 
3) The February Half Term, Alton Towers (runs the month of February) 
Why Choose Us 
We answer promptly to your request about convenient minibus hire in Alton Towers. All our buses are serviced, air conditioned and can come with a driver plus on-board amenities if you request for it. Our online customer care line is ready to pick your call and offer an affordable 28-35 seater coach.