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Nights Out Minibus

Alton Towers – Nites Out 

Alton Towers offers something for everybody, and partying is no exception. The resort offers some exciting nightlife options, a perfect complement to the harrowing and epic races of the day. The nites out in Alton Towers are lively and fun filled affair, with partying, drinks, dance, and music, all continuing until the early hours of the morning. 
Those seeking variety can take advantage of the various options outside the resort as well. Stafford, 23 miles away, offer several bars discos, and various food outlets. The Swan Hotel, and the Grapes pub attract huge crowds, and as a live band as well. Casa Night club, the Sun real ale pub, and the picture House are the other well frequented nightlife establishments in the vicinity of Alton towers.  
Taking your personal vehicles is never a good idea, when on a nites out trip, owing to the dangers and risks involved, especially with alcohol in the mix. Taxis come prohibitively expensive at that time of the night. In both cases, your group would have to split up as well, robbing the fun and the bonding that comes when travelling together. 
When you book our Alton Towers minibus hire service, you are assured of a reliable, comfortable, and spacious vehicle, where your gang can travel together. All our vehicles are top models, such as Ford Transit, Iveco coaches, Volvos, and Mercedes 16 seater, and are spacious enough for your gang to move around, and extent the revellery, even when on the move. Our fully supportive and accommodative customer care team helps you in the process, by provisioning for any special requests you may have, be it on board snacks and refreshments, to special games and entertainment, or anything else. 
We have well-developed and time-honed systems, which ensures all our processes take place to perfection. We ensure prompt repairs and maintenance of our vehicle, make it easy for you to book vehicles, and ensure the vehicle reach your desired pick up point, at the specified time, with all your special requests loaded in, without any hitches. 
Above all, we offer the lowest rates in the region. Our minibus hire in Alton towers is the best way, and also the most cost-effective way, for your group to move around in style, and have a wonderful nites out experience.