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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Alton Towers – Birthday Coach Hire 

Alton Towers is one of UK’s largest and most popular theme park resort, combining a theme park, water park, and a hotel complex. The resort, set in Alton village of Staffordshire, lies 44 miles from Manchester, 45 miles from Nottingham, 74 miles from Liverpool, 56 miles from Birmingham, and 150 miles from London. 
The adventure theme park offers several exciting rides, including roller coaster vertical drops, Enchanted Forest Tree Top Quest courses, hands-on interactive science exhibits, 4D experiences, and more. There are loads for attractions for all age groups, including live entertainment and characters. The park has ten theme areas, and a cable car system connecting several areas. The water park is equally enchanting, with several attractive rides of its own.  

A day out friends at Alton Towers guarantees memories that last a lifetime. However, for the trip to go smooth, reliable transportation is required. 
We offer fast, reliable, high quality minibus for hire to take you to or from Alton Towers, to anywhere in the region. There are several reasons to choose our Alton Towers minibus hire services, over opting for any other mode of transportation, for your birthday coach hire. 
Birthdays are occasions of fun and gaiety, but it requires everything to work smoothly, and clockwise, for the fun to realise. Very often, the mood of the guests would be directly proportional to the state of the facilities they are in. We offer a fleet of modern minibus and coaches, such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Iveco coaches, and Volvos. These vehicles are the latest models, and come with all superior features in-build, to enhance the comfort of the passengers. All these vehicles are large, and spacious, and the group can even start the birthday celebration when on the move. Travelling cramped up in a small vehicle, with inadequate air conditioning makes the guests too tired, and stressed out, to enjoy the day out at the park fully. 
We maintain our vehicles thoroughly, so that there is little chance of breakdowns. In the unlikely event of the vehicle developing some glitches, our large fleet size means we have a replacement vehicle on hand, to serve you on time.  
Booking our minibus hire in Aston Towers is a breeze. You have two options. Either fill up the quick online form, or get in touch with our customer support team directly. Either way, our customer support team gets into the act, and does all the coordination and follow-up required for a successful trip. You could also opt for special inclusions, such as on-board snacks and refreshments, and our customer support team would see to it that it gets done. In fact, you could arrange to cut your cake on-board our spacious vehicles, while the audio system plays your favourite tune, saving you time and sparing you the hassles of arranging another venue for this purpose. 
Our drivers rise to the occasion, and ensure you have a smooth and safe trip throughout. They are trained to drive fast, yet drive safe. They take care of your belongings, while you have a blast. 
The icing on the cake is our rates. We are the most inexpensive minibus hire providers in Aston Towers and surrounding areas. We charge significantly less than what competitor’s charge, even while providing superior service.  
We have an established presence in the region, and over the years, several customers have availed our minibus hire in Alton Towers, and have been delighted by the experience. They have left glowing testimonials in our praise, and recommend our services, to their friends, relatives, and others.