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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Alton Towers – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

Large groups often find the going tough, for want of reliable options. They invariably have to split into smaller groups, to fit in, and in the process have to shell out more money, and encounter delays. When you opt for our Alton Towers minibus hire services, you are spared of such hassles. We offer jumbo double decker 72 seater coaches, from reputed manufacturers, such as Volvo, and Iveco. With our Alton Towers minibus hire services, all members of your group can travel together, in maximum comfort. 
Our minibus hire in Alton Towers is always in high demand, from tour groups, corporate groups, educational institutions, event organisers, and others, who need to transport large group of passengers in one go, and leverage economies of scale.  
Our superior vehicles require low maintenance, and have superior mileage, and we pass on the benefits to you. The result is amazingly low rates, making our coach hire the most viable and cost effective way, to reach Alton Towers, and surrounding areas. Our services are moreover very flexible. Our customer support team would offer you custom quote, based on your specific requirements, and you may also make changes to the itinerary, to the extent genuinely possible. 
The vehicles itself come with all comforts, such as wide, push back leather seats with arm rests, PA system GPS, state of the art infotainment system, multi vent air conditioning, power doors, and much more. We offer the most comfortable, and the safest way to travel. 
Read through the testimonials left by hundreds of delighted customers, who have experienced our services, and book your double decker 72 seater coach today.