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Alton Towers: Minibus Hire 

Alton Towers (also known as Alton Towers Resort) is a massive theme park located within Staffordshire. It first opened its doors in 1980 and since then, this attraction has seen millions of visitors through its gates. As opposed to relying upon mass transit, many groups and families will instead choose to utilise our professional Alton Towers minibus hire services. What makes this theme park so attractive, what are some of the experiences that are offered and why is our minibus hire option so very popular? 
Amazing Attractions 
Alton Towers is home to countless rides and attractions. It is particularly known for its selection of hair-raising roller coasters. Some notable examples include Galactica, Nemesis, Rita, Oblivion and the family-friendly Runaway Mine Train. In fact, some rides such as Thirteen have revolutionised the entire industry.  
The choices do not end at roller coasters alone. Many utilise our minibus hire in Alton Towers to access the kaleidoscope of eater parks within these confines. The serpentine Congo River Rapids and Battle Galleons should not be missed by anyone who is travelling here with small children. There are even a number of haunted houses to brave. Hex: The Legend of the Towers and Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back! are two spots which are definitely not for the faint of heart.  
For the Young and Old 
Another great aspect of Alton Towers is that it offers an impressive ten different theme parks to choose from. Katanga Canyon, Towers Street, Forbidden Valley and Gloomy Wood are four areas which will provide endless hours of entertainment to any family.  
There could also be times when one is travelling here with a group of adults. In such a case, many will utilise our Alton Towers minibus hire company to stay in one of the three massive hotels found within the park. Splash Landings, Enchanted Village and the impressive Alton Towers Hotel itself are all unforgettable options during any stay.  
Business or Pleasure? 
There can be instances when one is arriving here for a corporate event. Alton Towers not only provides top-of-the-line accommodations, but various options such as day passes and team-building events are always possibilities. Formal requirements can be addressed through the availability of conference halls and banquet rooms; both ideal to seal a merger or meet shareholders. So, it is clear to see that this theme park is just as able to address the needs of those within the professional world.  
Choosing Our Professional Team 
Our minibus hire in Alton Towers is defined by a second-to-none attention to detail. Whether one is arriving with a small group of friends or the needs of a large party must be catered to, our drivers are more than happy to accommodate. Thus, timely advice and suggestions are never far off. These qualities are then complimented by a choice of modern vehicles. The models currently offered are: 
Mercedes 16 seaters. 
Comfortable and economical Volvos. 
Efficient Ford Transits 
Spacious Iveco coaches 
Whether arriving here for business or for pleasure, we have your needs covered. Alton Towers is indeed one of the most memorable theme parks within the United Kingdom. Thanks to our bespoke services, experiencing all that this location has to offer is now only moments away. Those who have additional enquiries or who hope to reserve our services are encouraged to contact a trained representative for further details. We are pleased to be of assistance when you need us the most.