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24 Seater Mini Coach Hire

Alton Towers 24 Seater Couch for Hire 
Alton Towers is a theme park that is always alive with activity—day and night. The park was established in the 60’s and continues its growth to a fully functional themed environment by the 80’s. Alton Tower is the Disney World of Staffordshire, and the ideal place to take your whole family for a lovely holiday experience. 
We as Alton Towers Minibus Hire Company want to provide a 24 seater minibus to be your transport plan when visiting the theme park. Because we value your comfort, all our vehicles are fully serviced and air conditioned. Whether it’s a Ford Transit or one of our exquisite Volvos, we make sure you travel in style. In case a 24 seater is too big for you, no worries, a Mercedes 16 seater will be on its way to you. 
Things to Do in Alton Towers  
This is one of the largest theme parks you will come across Europe and is actually a world of its own once inside. Here are some favourite tourist spots you should definitely visit when in the theme park. 
The Galactica 
It was first opened in 2002 but it is undergoing some major renovations to make it a virtual reality coast fair. When it’s completed, it will be the first Bolliger &Mabillard flying coaster and it can be a big privilege if you get to be the first ones to ride it.  
Word of advice, don’t eat a heavy meal if you are going to meet nemesis. Nemesis became the first inverted roller coaster when it was officially opened. It gained so much popularity that it was later voted as the 9th best roller coaster globally by 2013. So don’t miss the family fun Nemesis has to offer and see if you can make it to the end with your breakfast still inside you. 
If you think Nemesis made you woozy, Oblivion will give you both the dizzy and Goosebumps. It is the first high speed vertically dropping coaster in Europe that only the brave dare to go on it. The nose-dive happens so fast your heart leaps for a minute, and it will be funny if you get to see the shrieked faces of your family members while going down. 
Events in Alton Towers  
1) The February Half Term, Alton Towers (runs the month of February) 
2) Caribbean Carnival Weekends (Family Fair), Alton Towers (Based on People Sharing) 
3) Pirate and Princess Week; Cook and Line, Alton Towers (12th- 20th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We are the right people to call when you need minibus hire in Alton Towers. We have operated in the park for years and know it in and out. Our 24 seater is a convenient way to travel around and its quite comfortable and with on board amenities if requested.