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Alton Towers Minibus Company  

Alton Towers is a theme park resort that started off as a flower and garden tour resort before the theme park was created in the 80’s. When the theme park was completed, the funfair had over 9 rollercoasters with one of them recently renovated to a virtual reality theme coaster. A hotel was also constructed within the park, the Alton Towers Hotel, which is also themed and open to the public.  
A walk into the Alton Towers is like walking right into Disneyland. It is the sort of place to enjoy with your whole family screaming on the roller coasters or having family dinner at the hotels. As for transport, Alton Towers Coach Company has you covered with a suitable minibus rental to get you around.  
Things to Do in Alton Towers  
Being a theme park, there is so much to see and do together with your kids and spouse. Alton Towers minibus hire will provide a suitable Mercedes 16 seater to be your transport plan during the stay at Alton Towers. Alternatively, we can organise an 8 seater Ford Transit or two Volvos in case the kids want to drive themselves around. 
The Alton Towers Spa 
How best to get rid of the jetlag than a soothing Swedish massage in a serene tranquil environment. This spa is a complementary service from Alton Towers Hotel available for the whole family. The spa offers plenty of relaxing space, top masseuses and an indoor pool to have a swim before going out to explore the theme pack. 
The Enchanted Forest 
The Enchanted Forest is a 19 obstacles course designed for the whole family and high up on the trees. The rope line is divided into two parts; the lower ropes are suitable for children and those afraid of heights but still want to try the 19 obstacle challenge. The lower rope section is 3 to 5 meters from the ground and takes about 45minutes to complete.  
On the other hand, the high rope section is the most challenging, and only the brave dare to try it. The course raises 8 meters above ground with lots of zipwiring and swinging from one tree to the other. The stare below you is quite dizzying but that’s what makes the course even more fun. Once you make your way to the peculiar turret on the central tower, it’s upon you to find your way through swing tyres, zip lines, transverse nets and stepping stones to the finish line. It takes a full hour to complete this course but see if you hit the finish line in less than that.  
Alton Towers Water World  
After a full day on the Enchanted Forest challenge, the water world is the perfect place to be for some relaxing, unwinding and mad fun. Travel down water slides in neck-breaking speed while your family follows behind you equally screaming in fun. Major highlights of the water world include the Master Blaster Coaster, the Tripping Bucket, Little Leak, The Lazy River and the Lagoona Bay. By the time you are done with the water world, you feel refreshed and happy you took time to visit the Alton Towers themed park. 
Top Events in Alton Towers 
1) Caribbean Carnival Weekends (Family Fair), Alton Towers (Based on People Sharing) 
2) Pirate and Princess Week; Cook and Line, Alton Towers (12th- 20th Feb 2016) 
3) The February Half Term, Alton Towers (runs the month of February) 
Why Choose Us 
When you need minibus hire in Alton Towers, you only need to give us a call and we provide the coach rental to you. Our coach company buses are hired out for day tours, birthday parties, corporate events and personal transport as well.