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Minibus Hire Alton Towers



Alton Towers minibus hire with driver
Minibus Hire alton towers is Located in Staffordshire, Alton Towers (also known as Alton Towers Resort) is a massive entertainment complex that attracts countless visitors each year. The history of this complex can be traced as far back as 1860 when it was known for its flower shows. However, it was not until 1980 that the current location was developed into a modern entertainment venue. Some of the sights here include roller coasters, water rides, a children’s theme park and a large hotel known as the Alton Towers Hotel. Concerts, fireworks displays and a Halloween event known as “Scarefest” are a few other activities to enjoy. Due to the sheer number of visitors arriving here on an annual basis, many will select our dependable Alton Towers minibus hire services. What are some of the features which allow this park to be so very exciting and how can we enhance the overall experience? 

Our minibus hire Alton Towers is ideal for anyone who is looking to spend a fun and unforgettable day without any concerns regarding transportation. Some of the most interesting rides here include:

Alton Towers Rides and Attractions 
Some of the most interesting rides here include: 
A virtual reality roller coaster known as Galactica. 
An inverted roller coaster named Nemesis. 
A runaway mine train. 
A ride known as Thirteen. This was the world’s first vertical free-fall drop roller coaster. 
A swinging ride for children known as the Swirling Toadstool. 
Many will choose to arrive at Alton Towers during the warmer months of the year. Water-based attractions such as Battle Galleons, The Congo River Rapids and a massive log flume are a few of the sights that should not be missed. It is always best to visit their website or to speak with one of our drivers to learn about what other water-themed rides are available.  
Theme Parks Within Alton Towers 
Alton Towers is known for its variety of theme parks. These will entertain children and adults alike for hours. There are actually ten separate areas within the park itself; each of these displaying its own sense of personality and fun. These ten theme parks are: 
CBeebies Land 
Adventure Land 
Cloud Cuckoo Land 
The Dark Forest 
Forbidden Valley 
Gloomy Wood 
Mutiny Bay 
Katanga Canyon 
Towers Street 
Having opened in 2014, CBeebies Land is the newest theme park within Alton Towers. All of these locations can be easily accessed by visitors and they tend to be open every day of the week (hours may vary depending upon the time of the year). We should note that certain areas such as CBeebies Land, Cloud Cuckoo Land and Adventure Land have been developed with a younger audience in mind.  
The Alton Towers Hotel and Other Resorts 
Many who visit will choose to stay within the massive Alton Towers Hotel. This property offers no less than 180 different rooms to its guests and as it first opened in 1996, only the most modern of amenities will be experienced. Child-friendly services and a choice of room sizes are two other benefits. Some other hotels worth mentioning are the Enchanted Village and Splash Landings Hotel. Anyone who requires a bit of rest and relaxation should always visit the Alton Towers Spa (found within the aforementioned Alton Towers Hotel). Our Alton Towers minibus hire service will make certain that all customers have full access to these properties.  
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Conferences and Events 
While this park is a family-oriented venue, it is important to keep in mind that business and corporate events can be hosted here. Large conference halls, syndicate rooms, professional hotel catering, team-building workshops and even corporate “fun” days are all possibilities. Employing the use of our minibus hire in Alton Towers is he best way to make certain that large groups of people are provided with an ultimate sense of comfort and relaxation during their business stay.  
Why Choose Our Services? 
We should first make it clear that not all transportation firms offer the same attention to detail that we are proud to provide. We always place the needs of the customer as our top priority. This helps us to guarantee continuous quality assurance while offering each guest a truly unforgettable experience. Our representatives are extremely familiar with Alton Towers, so they will be more than happy to provide advice or suggestions during any stay. Whether our services are required early in the morning or late in the evening, we are punctual and friendly. It is therefore very easy to enjoy every moment here while those who are arriving on business will be assured that their schedules are addressed. 
Another reason why we are so very popular is that we have a number of new vehicles to choose from. These include Volvos, Ford Transits, Mercedes 16 seater models and Iveco coaches for larger parties. These options enable anyone to make the best choices possible while such an impressive variety can cater to the needs of individual budgets.  
If you require only the top Alton Towers minibus hire firm, you have come to the right place. We encourage everyone to contact us to learn more or to make an advanced reservation. Alton Towers Resort will certainly provide memories to last a lifetime and we are very pleased to be able to enhance these memories with a convenient means of transportation.  


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