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Stag do/Hen do coach hire

Alton Towers – Stag Do / Hen Do Coach Hire 

Alton Towers, arguably England’s most popular resort, is a widely accepted stag do and hen do party option. The resort offers revellers the ride of their life, excellent shows, and quality drinks, all topped up by a partying that lasts until the wee hours of the morning.  
The theme park offers unlimited rides, including epic rides such the world’s first roller coaster with 14 loops, the world’s only free fall drop roller coaster, rides with 180 foot vertical drops, and much more. A fun filled day of hilarious adventure, is the best way to see the stag or hen off, in style. 
While the resort offers memories that last a lifetime, it still requires reliable transportation to get there in the first place, and also continue the trip, in the aftermath. The nearest big cities are Manchester, and Nottingham, both around 45 miles away. Birmingham is 56 miles away, and Liverpool is 74 miles away. Even London is within commutable distance, being 150 miles away.  
To reach the resort and back from anywhere in England, your best choice is our Alton Towers minibus hire.
When you avail a minibus hire in Alton Towers, you are assured of the best minibus you group can lay your hands on. Our fleet of vehicles includes models such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos of varying seating configuration, and Iveco coaches. These coaches offer just the right facilities for guests to relax, and unwind, and reach the venue fully charged. The same holds true in the return leg also, where comfort is of essence, after the epic adventures of the day and night. At the same time, all our vehicles offer ample space, and your group can even continue partying inside our coaches. Our customer support team ably supports you, by making arrangements for your favourite tunes, on board refreshments, and any other special request you may have. Just make sure to contact our 24 hour customer help desk before the start of your trip, and consider any special arrangements done. 
If the night is still young, you could hit the night clubs at nearby Nottingham or Birmingham. The opportunities are endless, restrained only by your impulses. We offer unmatched flexibility, to give unrestrained power to your stag or hen night  
Whether you are commuting from near or afar, our drivers are the best you can have. They are skilled, experienced, and mature individuals, who take in all the stress of driving, and wait for you, as you complete your partying. 
We have robust systems in place, to ensure everything goes off smoothly, to the plan. We make sure each vehicle undergo thorough cleaning and inspection before the start of a trip, and that the drivers are returning from adequate rest after their previous trip. We have designed easy processes to make things easy for the customer, be it making bookings, changes, and everything else.  
Our minibus hire in Alton towers cost the least, when you compare it with other alternatives. Our superior services do not come with premium prices. With us, you get an unbeatable deal of a cost effective and viable solution compared to taking your own vehicle, with added comforts and convenience, you can never get in your own vehicles. 
What are you waiting for? Contact our customer support team, to reserve your stag do coach hire, or hen do coach hire today. Thousands of thrill seekers have already experienced our Alton tower minibus hire service, and have been delighted by it. Read through their testimonials, and do not miss out on the golden opportunity to take you night out of fun to a whole new level.