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8 Seater Minibus Hire

Alton Towers – 8 SEATER MINIBUS 

Hire a MiniBus to Alton Towers 
Alton Towers is located just outside the village of Alton in Staffordshire, on the eastern side of the idyllic Churnet Valley. There are numerous exciting rides for thrill-seekers and interesting attractions for those who like quieter amusements.  
Book a minibus hire in Alton Towers and create magical family memories by visiting Alton Towers for the day or a long weekend. Many of the rides are world famous and include: 
Nemesis – a terrifying roller coaster 
Oblivion – another hair-raising roller coaster 
Runaway Mine Train – a classic roller coaster 
CBeebies Land- for smaller visitors 
Congo River Rapids – prepare to get wet! 
Rita – an accelerator coaster  
2016 is a great time to visit Alton Towers as a new virtual-reality roller coaster has just been launched, called ‘Galactica’. It’s a ride which allows passengers to safely experience the same g-force as astronauts blasting off into space during a rocket launch! Alton Towers is the ideal destination to celebrate a special birthday, to host a stag or hen party or to simply have fun with a group of friends. 
We are the UK’s most reliable, professional and affordable minibus company and we pride ourselves on our stellar levels of customer satisfaction and our constantly striving to maintain our reputation for dependability and excellence. Our Alton Towers minibus hire service will allow you to relax and enjoy your journey as we have comfortable seats, ample luggage space in our minibuses, as well as air conditioning, CDs and DVD players. You won’t need to worry abut getting lost as GPS is fitted in all our vehicles as standard. We have a range of minibuses to suit your requirements, such as an 8 seater minibus.